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A Moment With Me, Ari

I’ve had a very interesting Saturday.

After book club and lunch, my mother and I decided to go out. Saturday at JoAnne’s it was half off all classes so we decided to go there first. Well on the way there while my mother and I are singing (off key) to our CD, my mother hears a noise. She gets off at the next exit, and we discover that we have a very flat tire. Well we’re pulled over on the ramp so my mom tries to move so cars don’t hit us. We don’t get very far.

My mom calls the only people we know in the area, but they aren’t home. So my mom decides to try to put the spare tire on, but my mother has no idea how to do that. After a couple minutes of debating how to replace a tire my mom calls my dad, who is at home, to ask how to put the spare tire on.

My dad says that it is too hard for my mom to do so he calls a tow truck to come and put the spare tire on. The guy takes around fifteen minutes to show up. He puts the spare tire on (which proves to be much harder than one would imagine), and my mom and I drive to the mall so they can fix our tire (our tire had a nail in it)

It turns out that another one of our tires needs to be replaced and the car’s alignment is messed up or something. The guy tells us that it will take at least two hours to fix the car.

So my mother and I do so shopping (I got two shorts and my mother got two shirts). But when we’re finished its only been an hour. My feet are hurting (Toms are not good for walking around the mall). My mom is tired. And we still have an hour to go.

So we walk around the bookstore and get a book for my dad. While we are getting the book for my dad, the guy who is fixing our car calls and tells us that the machines that do the alignment are busy and it will be at least another hour and a half.

Well it’s five something when he calls so that would mean we would be stuck at the mall until seven. My mom and I decide to sit down and I get myself a Coke.

After ten minutes, my mom and I get up so I can go get a book (The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey. Thank you Charlly and Anna for the gift card). We also get some ice cream :).

My mom and I go back to our ‘seats’ and eat our ice cream. We read an email that my grandma sent and talk to a guy who is also waiting for his car to be fixed.

Then the guy that fixed the tires calls and says that the car is ready, early. Of course my mom and I are happy. We will be leaving the mall thirty minutes early and we will still be able to get my dad’s dry cleaning.

And that concludes The Adventures of Aretha and Ari.

The sad thing is that when my mom and I were on the side of the road NO one stopped to ask if we needed help (all though quite a few came close to hitting us).

This experience will defiantly be showing up in Natalie somewhere……. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Moment With Me, Ari

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that had to be awful waiting….but at least you got some clohes and a book!!!

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