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A Moment With Me, Ari

Natalie may be finished, but its far from over. It’s time for the dreaded process of editing! I’ve decided to create a new category to chronicle my editing and my every day writing. I’ll soon be posting my ‘diary’ online.

Also with Natalie being finished, I guess its time to start a new story. The first installment of My Crazy Life will be posted next week and in the meantime I’ll be posting the coming soon plot later today. Farm Girl and Gifted will also be picked up with Natalie being finished.

My New Year Resolution was the have Natalie editor ready by the end of the year. Let’s see if I make it!

2 thoughts on “A Moment With Me, Ari

    1. It’s not my diary diary because I don’t have one of those 😛 It’s mostly about my first time editing a book and about writing stories and stuff like that. I make a mental diary about that stuff so why not write it down and post it?

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