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The Diary of a Writer Girl



I originally created The Diary of a Writer Girl category to share with you my struggles in editing Natalie. Well, it’s been six months since I posted the last installment of Natalie and I’ve only gone back and reedited the first two chapters 😳

For my birthday, I asked for a proof of Natalie from a print-on-demand, self-publishing website, Createspace. It arrived in the mail on Saturday.

photo 1 (12)photo 2 (11)

I’ve already found a couple of mistakes. I flubbed the last sentence 😛  and somehow the Chapter Twelve title line ended up on the last page of chapter eleven even though I checked all the chapters before I submitted the forum. Submitting and formatting was rather easy…waiting was the hardest! The back cover is a little bit blurrier than it is in the picture (hard to believe!). It might just be the cover type I picked…I love the paper. It’s not printer paper. Its cream, book paper! 😀

I hope to post one day soon that I’ve approved Natalie: Volume I for publishing!

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