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COMING SOON: Willowfield Falls-All I Want For Christmas

Coming Soon: Willowfield Falls-All I Want For Christmas

“All I want for Christmas is to be able to spend the season with a family. Even spending it with a dysfunctional Stewart family would be better than spending it here at the home. I spent last Christmas curled up in a corner wishing for Christmas to end–and never come back again.”

All Vera Fleming wants for Christmas is to spend it away from her foster home. When the Berkshire Christmas Committee comes to take everyone’s one wish, Vera wishes to spend it with a family. Vera gets her wish, but a damper is put on her Christmas when she learns that the family she’ll be spending Christmas with is the prestigious Willow family.

Note: Willowfield Falls does not follow the same timeline as the BCC books that take place in Florida/North Adams. All I Want For Christmas does not take place at the same time as Natalie: Part 6.

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