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A Non-Artist’s Guide to Bible Journaling: November 8, 2016

I could go on and on about how disappointed I am in America. About how I never knew we were still so racist, sexist, and hateful. I could make a long post about how Donald Trump is the epitome of a Biblical fool. I could post links to eye-opening articles, explain why open support of him is a personal attack on me myself.

But I won’t. At this point, I’m not exactly sure what effect it can have so late into the game. All I can do now is pray. Pray for this country’s healing, pray for peace in the coming days, pray for this Election Day. I can’t vote this time (and I may never get over that), but one prayer has a much bigger impact than one vote, going directly into the ear of the King of kings, the Ruler of rulers, the election Decider. A prayer is a vote for Jesus.


So I challenge you today, no matter who you support, to pray as well. And after the day is done, when the votes are all counted up, and the new president is declared, I challenge you to pray for her/him too. Not just for God’s sovereignty, but for Him to touch their heart so they can make good decisions, so their heart can be open to His truth and direction. Just imagine what could happen if we all prayed like that.

Note: Feel free in the comments to leave your thoughts there. I’d love to hear what others my age have to say about this election. But if it gets too nasty, I will stop the discussion. 


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