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Natalie: Part 3- Heaven Everywhere Installment One

How can a person fall asleep on the eve of their mother’s wedding?

I was wondering that question at four o’clock in the morning. In less than an hour, it would be time to get up and get ready for the wedding.

“Natalie! Wake up! There’s someone in the restaurant!” Virginia screamed shaking me.

“I’m up! I’m up!” I shouted sitting up and getting out of my sleeping bag. Virginia picked up a flashlight. Everyone else was fast asleep (amazingly. Virginia was LOUD).

We crept towards the restaurant and when we turned around the corner a water balloons hit us.

“DARCY!” I screamed at my attacker. Darcy laughed. Leo, Timmy, Zach, Ned, and Nelson kept through water balloons at us.

“Girls! AH!” Grandma Shirley screamed walking into the restaurant. A water balloon hit her and she was soaking wet.

“That is it!” Grandma Shirley screamed. She picked up a bottle of salad dressing someone forgot to put away and squirt it at the boys.

“What in the world?” Momma asked walking up only to be hit by a water balloon. “GIRLS! I NEED SOME BACKUP!”

Soon food and water balloons were flying everywhere. By five o’clock, the floor was too slippery and wet to walk on and everybody was either drenched in water or condiments.

“You boys will pay!” Emily screamed. Water was dripping from her halo ring.

“I think we already have,” Leo said. He was covered in ketchup.

“You boys better get back to my house,” Mrs. Rivers said.

“Mr. Rivers knew where we were going,” Timmy said as the boys walked towards to door.

“Oh, he is so gonna pay!” We girls shouted. We burst out laughing. The boys left and then Abby screamed.

“Hair emergency!” Abby shouted touching Momma’s hair. “GET ME EVERY BLOW DRYER IN FLORIDA!”

Two hours later everybody’s hair was dry and we were now changing into our dresses.

“This bow is stupid,” I mumbled looking in the mirror.

“It’s so everybody can know who you are from the back,” Jaci said. Jaci looked fabulous in the same dress. I just looked stupid.

“Go to makeup,” Jaci said. “Why Mrs. Baldwin insisted on makeup I may never understand.”

I walked off to the makeup room (Ms. Donna’s bathroom) and found that Sean was the only one there. Mrs. Rivers was putting makeup on her scares.

“Hi,” I said sitting down.

“Hey,” She mumbled.

“Donna!” Mrs. Rivers shouted. Ms. Donna walked in the room and started putting mascara on my eyes.

“I look weird,” I said after Ms. Donna put some light red lip-gloss on my lips.

“You look beautiful,” Ms. Donna said. “Now go downstairs!”

I walked downstairs to find Mrs. Stewart and Grandma Shirley in a fight.

“Shirley Walters!” Mrs. Stewart shouted. “Let go of the dress!”

“Why should you get to load it in the limo?” Grandma Shirley screamed.

“Because I know how to handle it!” Mrs. Stewart screamed tugging on the black bag.

“But I’m her mother!” Grandma Shirley screamed.

“But I made the dress!” Mrs. Stewart shouted.

“Oh, really? I thought squirrels put it together with tree sap!” Grandma Shirley screamed. Harsh.

“Where’d you get that dress?” Mrs. Stewart screamed.

“I got it in Paris,” Grandma Shirley said.

“Oh, I thought a lion ripped a zebra apart and you took the skin!” Mrs. Stewart screamed. I tried not to giggle. Grandma Shirley did look like a zebra in that dress.”

“Ladies, ladies,” Grandma Baldwin said.

“Mother!” Momma screamed walking up. “Let Mrs. Stewart put it in the car.”

“Humph!” Grandma Shirley shouted letting go.

“Homecoming Queen!” Mrs. Stewart screamed walking towards the door.

“Prom Queen!” Grandma Shirley sneered. Mrs. Stewart slammed the door.

“What was that all about?” I asked.

“My sister and Mrs. Stewart have been enemies for like forever,” Mrs. Walters said. “But they started the screaming battles after Shirley won homecoming queen and Mrs. Stewart won Prom queen.”

“Go find your shoes, Natalie, the limos will be here in a minute,” Momma said walking off somewhere.

I groaned. I was so not looking forward to wearing heels all day. And yes, they were pink. And yes they had tiny bows on them.

“You ok?’ Abby asked me. She was putting on shoes also expect hers were flats.

“I don’t know,” I said sitting down and putting on my shoes. “I just saw Mrs. Stewart and Grandma Shirley scream about who gets to put Momma’s dress in the car.”

“I heard,” Abby said. “They are so similar but they hate each other.”

“The two of them similar?” I asked.

“Very. They both are very fiery and quick to the tongue,” Abby said. “But I guess people that like don’t get along with most people anyway.”


“We better go see what they’re fighting about this time,” Abby said getting up and I followed.

“I know you hid them! Where did you put them?” Mrs. Stewart screamed.


“Well, somebody did!” Mrs. Stewart screamed. “And nobody but you has a reason!”

“And what would be my reason?” Grandma Shirley screamed.

“You’ve always hated me!” Mrs. Stewart screamed. “You were always jealous of me!”

“Jealous of you!” Grandma Shirley snorted in a way that made you feel like she really was jealous of Mrs. Stewart. “As I recall you were the one who was jealous of me!”

Mrs. Stewart snorted.

“Ladies!” Grandma Baldwin shouted. “This is a very special day for Riley, and she wants both of you to share it with her. But if you keep this up, one of you is going to have to leave.”

“Then it should be her!” Grandma Shirley shouted pointing her finger at Mrs. Stewart.

“Me? I’m not the one who stole someone’s glasses!” Mrs. Stewart shouted.

“I didn’t take them!” Grandma Shirley screamed. I noticed something red sticking out in Grandma Shirley’s purse. I pulled out Mrs. Stewart’s glasses.

“The limo is here!” Grandma Shirley screamed walking towards the door. Mrs. Stewart put her glasses on and walked towards the door.

“This going to be a long day,” I sighed.

“You can say that again, love,” Grandma Baldwin said hugging me.


“Ow!” I shouted. I slapped the hand of the person who just tugged on my bow.

“Natalie?” Darcy asked when I turned around.

“You’re gonna pay for that,” I said walking towards the dressing chambers.

“How mad are you about the whole water balloon thing?” Darcy asked.

“I’m furious,” I said. “I actually didn’t plan on ever speaking to you again.”

Darcy gave an uneasy laugh and walked away. I walked into the dressing chambers.

“Get out!” Emily screamed when I walked into the room. “This room is too small for all of us! Its making my spine hurt!”

“Don’t move!” Mrs. Stewart screamed. “I dropped my contact lenses!”

“Oh!” Grandma Shirley grumbled.

“Natalie!” Grandma Baldwin cried running into the dressing chambers. “Come quick! Your mother is having a melt down! She’s refusing to come out of the bridal chambers and is screaming that she wants to call off the wedding!”

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Natalie: Part 1- Christmas Dreams Installment Three Part 1

“The world is dizzy,” I giggled. I was laughing but the pain was so bad I went black for a second.

“Darcy Edwards! How could you trip her?” Aunt Jane shouted walking over to me.

“I did not trip her! Clumsy tripped herself,” Darcy grumbled.

“Darcy didn’t trip the girl,” Mr. Hank spoke up. “He would never do that to sugar.”

“I believe this town has raised Darcy to be a respectable young man and since we’ve known him all his life I believe it is safe to say that Darcy did not trip the girl on purpose if he even did trip the girl,” Mr. Stewart said.

“Ew! Her foot is blue!” Judy (or maybe it was Jody) cried.

“We have got to get you to a hospital,” Momma said worried. Darcy tried to stand up and screamed like a little girl.

I burst into giggles.

“What is all this racket?” A woman asked walking down the steps. Momma’s face fell when she saw this lady.

“Mrs. Walters, it seems we’ve had an injury,” Ms. Donna said.

“To my pride,” Darcy said under his breath. I kicked him with my one good foot.

“Donna, I told you children would be trouble!” Mrs. Walters shouted. She looked at me and then my Momma. She then marched up the steps.

“I’m sorry everyone but I will have to close the restaurant so we can take the children to the hospital,” Ms. Donna said. Everyone nodded their head in agreement.

Mr. Steve picked me up and helped me to Momma’s car. He did the same with Darcy. Ms. Donna hopped into the front seat and gave Momma directions to the hospital.

“This is all your fault, clumsy,” Darcy said.

“How can you say that?” I asked outraged. “You tripped me! Whether you meant to do it on purpose or it was an accident, only God knows.” I waved my hands wildly.

Darcy grunted.

When we got to the hospital my foot was swollen and a darker shade of blue. Darcy complained as he hoped into the hospital. At least he could walk in. Some man had to help me into a wheelchair.

The doctors gave me some pain medicine and said I was in shock. I didn’t think I was in shock but I guess since my eyes were all over the place.

“That is a nasty break,” The doctor said looking at the X-Ray. Momma took one look at the X-Ray and said there was no one I was seeing it.

I requested to see it and when I did I passed out.


                                  I woke up in a hospital room and my foot was in a cast and everything hurt. Why did we have to leave our home in Miami and come here?

“Glad to see you’re awake,” The doctor said walking into the room.

“How could Darcy’s knee cause me to break my toes and cause two breaks in my foot?” I asked. Knees were hard but not that hard.

“Oh it wasn’t just the knee. Your foot hit the ground hard too. I believe this is what happened. You tripped and started to fall backwards. Darcy was still walking and your foot hit his knee. This is when your toes broke. Then when your foot hit the ground hard and that caused the two breaks,” The doctor said. I sighed.

“Don’t worry. You’ll learn how to use the crutches and then you can go home,” The doctor said smiling.

Home? Home was not that B&B I can tell you that. And home wasn’t Miami either. I had no place to call ‘home’.

“How you feeling?” Momma asked walking into the room.

“Pain,” I said. Momma laughed.

“I remember once I fell from the monkey bars and broke a toe. I guess that can’t compare to breaking your foot,” Momma said. I nodded.

“I promise you’ll go home today,” Momma said. Something sparkled in her eyes when she said home.

She may have found home but I was still looking.


                                    News of a broken foot travels fast in Florida.

When I got back to the Sunshine B&B there were flowers, balloons, candy, and teddy bears from complete strangers. Darcy got a couple of cards.

“Natalie, where are you?!” Regina shouted when she came back from her last day of school before Christmas break. I wasn’t to start school until the New Year and I was rather glad.

“I’m in the family room!” I called. I had to sleep on the couch because Ms. Donna didn’t want me to risk using my crutches on the stairs.

“Your foot is the talk of the school! Everybody fells so bad for you. Well anyway they wanted Nelson, Darcy, and I to ask if you were up to going to the Christmas Party tonight,” Regina said. “Darcy said you wouldn’t want to come but I told them you love Christmas.”

“I’ll have to ask my mom but I would like to go,” I said. Actually I wanted to go just to spite Darcy.

“We have so much to do! We have to find you the perfect outfit since you can’t show up in your pajamas!” Regina shouted. “This is your Florida debut!”

I wanted to laugh. Just about everyone person in town had come by to see how I was doing.

Regina skipped up the stairs and I laughed. If only I knew how crazy my debut would be I would have forgotten all about spiting Darcy.