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Highlight & Contest: Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I decided that this is the perfect time to have our first ever contest!

Contest Info:Valentine’s Day is about two weeks away and love is in the air in Florida, Massachusetts! But a couple of people are too afraid to tell their feelings to the person they like so they sent anonymous Valentines! Who likes who? Its up to you to find out!

So what you have to do is figure out who sent the Valentine and to who. Comment your answers but chose wisely you only get one chance! It should look like this: Valentine X was given to Blank from Blank.

photo 1

All of the Valentines!

photo 1 (2)

Valentine A

My heads in the clouds

My heart’s in my throat

I’m walking on air

Handing you this note!

photo 2 (3)

Valentine B

Love is patient.

Love does not envy or boast.

Love is not arrogant or rude.

Love never fails.

Love never rejoices at wrongdoing.

Not irritable or resentful.

Love does not insist on its own way.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love is kind so be my Valentine!

photo 3 (1)

Valentine C

Take all my love.

Take all my kisses.

But there better be a ring.

If you want me to be your Mrs.! 

photo 4 (1)

Valentine D

I have just one Valentine’s Day wish.

That you’ll be my Darcy and I’ll be your Elizabeth!

So what do you say?

Will you make my Valentine’s Day?

photo 1 (1)

Valentine E

Roses are Red.

Violets are blue.

I never know what to say around you!

I’d like to convince myself there’s no one left to ask.

But the truth is I only want you!

photo 2 (2)

Valentine F

I know we’re young.

I know its soon.

But I think I’m in love with you!

There is no fear in love, but perfect love cast out fear.

So I’m just going to say it.

Please be my Valentine till the end of time!

photo 4

Valentine G (two people receive this Valentine)

You’re amazing.

Did you know?

I’ve crushed on you.

Since long ago.

So here’s my heart.

And here’s my soul.

I think its time you should know.

Will you be?

Can you be?

Could you think of me?

That way?

photo 3

Valentine H

Roses are Red.

Violets are blue.

I never know what to say around you!

I don’t want to blurt it but since its Valentine’s Day.

I think I should tell you that I like you in that special kind of way!

photo 2

Valentine I

Left you once.

Lost you twice.

Now its the third time.

So I’m not going to take any chances.

Please be my Valentine and my wife.

Who ever gets them all right (or gets the most right) wins the contest! I will announce the winner and PRIZE on Valentine’s Day! Good Luck!

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Natallie: Part 2- Marshmallow World Installment Sixteen


The sound of chickens clucking filled my ears as I walked out of our van. An ice cream party when it was below freezing seemed crazy to me.

“Me want ice cream!” Megan cried as we walked towards the front door. Was I the only one who thought this ice cream party was crazy?

A scrawny looking red haired girl answered the door. She was tall. She had a sour look on her face. She had her hands on her hips. Her body language told me that she did not want to be here.

“Hello,” Mr. Steve said to her.

“And who might you be?” The girl asked looking at all of us. Everyone at the B&B had come and since Timmy was there he tagged along.

“I’m Steve Matthews. Who might you be?” Mr. Steve asked her.

“Virginia Powers,” The girl said taking her hands off her hips. “Farm Girl.”


Jaci smiled at her as if she thought what Virginia had said was funny.

“Hello, Virginia, I’m Jaci Matthews,” Jaci said with a huge smile on her face. How she never got tired of smiling I will never know. Virginia gave an awkward nod.

“Sunshine B&B clan….and Timmy,” Aunt Jane said walking up to the door. “Come in! Come in!”

“Sunshine B&B clan?” Virginia asked as we filed into the house.

“We all live at the Sunshine B&B,” Darcy explained. “Expect for Timmy.”

“So your name is Virginia?” I asked. It wasn’t to be rude or anything. I thought Virginia was a nice and pretty name. She gave me the awkward nod she had given Jaci.

“Natalie Baldwin,” I said offering my hand. I thought of something.

“Miami Girl,” I quickly added. Everyone in the room but Virginia laughed.

“Virginia, I think you and Natalie are going to get along. Natalie just moved here from Miami, Florida,” Aunt Jane said. Virginia gave another one of those odd nods.

“Oh! Where are my manors!” Aunt Jane shouted. “You’re probably wondering who all these people are. Virginia, meet Riley Baldwin. She’s Natalie’s mom and she’s engaged to Steve Matthews. He’s the tall guy. The short girl is his daughter Jaci. The tall auburn is his other daughter Abby. She doesn’t live at the B&B. She lives in Boston. Then there’s Darcy. He’s the black haired cutie. Timmy Stewart is the tall blonde one with a side bang. The little girl in Riley’s arms is Megan. She’s like two. The blonde girl is Regina Drew and the dirty blonde boy standing next to her is her twin brother Nelson Drew. The brown haired woman in the blue coat is Donna Edwards. She’s Darcy’s mother. The tall older looking lady is Mrs. Walters. The two other people or Mr. and Mrs. Drew. They’re Nelson and Regina’s parents. Oh and the baby boy in Mrs. Drew’s hands is Fred. The ice creams in the kitchen.”

“Ice cream?” Virginia asked. I let a snicker escape me.

“We’re having an ice cream party! The whole town is invited!” Aunt Jane shouted.

“But it’s like seventeen degrees outside!” Virginia shouted. Yes! Finally someone else who thought this was a crazy idea.

“That’s what I said,” I laughed. I gave Aunt Jane my coat and hobbled off towards the kitchen.

“Hello,” A little black haired girl said to me. “I’m Rachel Powers. I’m seven and I moved here last night. That’s my brother Andrew.”

The little girl pointed to a tall blonde boy. He was looking at……..goat sections.

“I like the white one!” Rachel shouted pointing to the screen.

“I like the grey and white one,” Andrew said. Rachel gave him a mad face.

“Where’s the kitchen?” I asked. “Aunt Jane told me I’d find ice cream there.”

“Ice cream?” Rachel asked. She ran towards the kitchen.

In the kitchen I found Darcy scooping chocolate ice cream.

“What happened to your knee?” Rachel asked.

“Natalie hit her cast on my knee,” Darcy said nodding his head towards me. He didn’t say it like he was mad. I couldn’t be sure but I thought there was a hint of laugher in his voice.

“Why would she do that?” Rachel asked confused.

“Because I tripped her and that caused her to break her foot,” Darcy joked. He gave me a smile. I felt my eyes pop out.

“That was mean,” Rachel said scooping strawberry ice cream.

“She didn’t do it on purpose,” Darcy said getting a spoon.

“Did you trip her on purpose?” Rachel asked. Darcy didn’t answer. He just walked out the room. I sighed and shook my head.

By the time I decided what ice cream I wanted and where the spoons where the party was in full swing. Most of the people from town where there.

I saw Timmy introducing Emily to Virginia. Poor Virginia.

“Natalie!” Ms. Ross called. She had a tall looking woman with her.

“I would like you to meet the seventh grade teacher Ms. Shelby O’Donnell,” Ms. Ross said. “I’m sad to say it but I talked with Principal Helga and she thinks that you can move up a grade in everything.” Ms. Ross looked like she was praying hard about something.

I was surprised. I hadn’t moved up in Math because Ms. O’Donnell didn’t want a ‘limited sixth grader’ in her classroom.

“Hello, Ms. O’Donnell,” I said giving her a polite smile.

“She’s a little short and just a little bit scrawny,” Ms. O’Donnell said.

I was not that scrawny.

“But I just love the touch of British accent in her voice!” Ms. O’Donnell shouted. “I thought you were from Miami.”

“I am,” I said. “But my father was from England.”

“Your father?” Ms. O’Donnell asked. “I thought your father was Steve Matthews.”

I gagged.

“I think Shelby got the story confused,” Ms. Ross said interrupting. “Steve dated Riley in high school then Riley ran away and then he married Abby and Jaci’s mother. She ran away when Abby was a little baby and she had Jaci up in Charlotte, Maine.”

“Oh,” Ms. O’Donnell said. “And where is your father.”

“He’s dead,” I said not wanting to think about how his accident wasn’t an accident.

“I’m sorry,” Ms. O’Donnell said. “See you Monday morning.”

She walked off and towards Aunt Jane. I walked over to Darcy.

“How do you put up with her?” I asked him.

“Who?” Darcy asked.

“Ms. O’Donnell,” I said.

Darcy burst out laughing.

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Natalie: Part 2- Marshmallow World Installment Six


“Welcome back class,” Ms. Ross said. I tried not to drop my pencil. It was my first day in a new school and I was getting ready to freak out.

I looked at Regina. She gave me a thumbs up. I looked at Emily. She gave me a smirk.

“Now class we have a new student and I’m pretty sure you all know her. Her name is Natalie and I would ask her to stand but she has a broken foot so I won’t,” Ms. Ross said. I smiled.

“Hi. My name is Natalie Baldwin and I just moved here from Miami, Florida,” I said.

“We welcome you to our class and too Florida,” Ms. Ross smiled. “Take out her Pre-Algebra books.” Most of the class groaned. I smiled. Math was my favorite subject.

I could easily get lost in Math. In Math if it’s wrong, it’s wrong. If it’s right, it’s right. There are no two answers just the one.

I was the first one done with today’s math lesson and Ms. Ross looked impressed.

“You got them all right, Natalie. I’m impressed,” Ms. Ross said.

Next was English and that wasn’t exactly my subject.

“I know you all know this but what part of speech is the word He?” Ms. Ross asked.

I quickly thought of a sentence. He ran down the street.

“He is a noun?” I guessed. Emily burst out laughing.

“He is a pronoun. You learn that like in the first grade,” Emily laughed. I looked at my cast. Nope. Her name wasn’t on it.

“It’s not funny, Emily,” Ms. Ross said. “It’s a very common mistake. Today we’re going to study pronouns.”

“Pay good attention, Clumsy,” Emily said. She gave me a smile. I wanted to D-I-S-A-P-E-A-R.

Next was History. I liked history but just don’t ask me any dates.

“Which history would the class like to do first? American or World?” Ms. Ross asked.

American history was chosen to go first.

“How long was the Revolutionary War, class?” Ms. Ross asked. I breathed this was one I knew.

“Regina,” Ms. Ross said. Regina looked scared.

“Ten years?” Regina asked.

Emily laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world.

“No you dummy. It lasted for seven years,” Emily said.

“Actually it lasted for eight years, Princess,” I said rolling my eyes.

Thankfully the lunch bell rang.

“We’ll continue this after lunch,” Ms. Ross said. “Natalie, wait a second.”

Emily gave me a smile that told me this would be all over Florida before lunch was over.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked.

“Natalie, tomorrow I want you to go to Algebra class with the seventh graders. I think you’re ready for it,” Ms. Ross said.

I smiled.

“So I’m not in trouble?” I asked.

“Of course not sweetie. Now go to lunch,” Ms. Ross said. I ran out the classroom.


The rest of my first day of school was incredible. The second Emily heard that I was moving up a grade in Math she shut up mighty fast.

“Momma!” I called running (well as fast as you can with a cast) into the B&B.

I saw that there was a gift on my pillow. It had no name on it. I ripped it open.

Nerds!” I shouted. I smiled but my smile dropped when Ms. Donna walked into the family room with Mr. Steve and a police officer.

“What’s going on?” I asked. Why in the world would a police officer be here?

“Natalie, your mother is missing,” Ms. Donna said.

(Note: This post was posted on January 7. The wordpress clock is several hours ahead)

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Natalie: Part 1-Christmas Dreams Installment 3 Part 2


                                      My mother agreed to let me go to the party. She said it would help me get to know my new classmates better. Mr. Drew would be driving us kids to the party and at six we got into his car.

“There are so many people for you to meet!” Regina shouted. “Let me see there’s Claire, Erin, Victoria……….”

The drive to the school wasn’t long and soon we were at the school. The Memorial School was a one story brick building that I thought looked more like a church than a school.

Darcy climbed over me to get out of the car. What a gentleman.

As Mr. Drew was helping me get out the car, Regina screamed and another car hit the other side of Mr. Drew’s car.

“Mr. Stewart, are you all right?” Darcy asked running to the other car.

“I’m just fine, son,” Mr. Stewart said getting out of his car. “I’m sorry, Samuel, for hitting your car.”

“What happened?” Mr. Drew asked. He didn’t look too mad but there was a little bit of annoyance in his voice.

“Some kid ran out in front of me and I swerved,” Mr. Stewart muttered. He sounded mad. “Don’t worry, Samuel, I’ll fix your car.”

“That would be nice since it was your fault,” Mr. Drew said. He finished helping me out of the car.

“You kids go in while I sort this out with Mr. Stewart,” Mr. Drew said. Darcy ran into the school but Nelson and Regina walked at my pace as I hobbled into the school.

“I didn’t see any kid,” Regina said when we were inside the school.

“Neither did I,” Nelson said. “To me it looked like he was trying to hit the car.”

“But why would Mr. Stewart do that?” Regina asked.

“Cause he’s a Grinch,” I joked. That made them laugh.

“He really kinda is. I mean look at Darcy. Mr. Stewart is the father figure in his life!” Regina laughed.

I wanted to ask what happened to Darcy’s dad but I thought it might be rude to ask. And anyway Regina might not even know.

When we walked into the gym there were decorations and a large tree. Christmas music was playing. A bunch of children were dancing. Darcy and some girl walked up to us.

“You must be Natalie. I’m Emily Stewart,” The girl said offering her hand. I couldn’t shake her hand because if I took my hand off my crutch I would fall.

“Nice to meet you,” I said with my polite smile (a smile I was using a lot lately).

“When will you start attending our school?” Emily asked.

“In January,” I answered. Emily smiled.

“Well, welcome,” Emily said. She and Darcy walked away.

“Just in case you didn’t make the connection, Emily Stewart is Mr. Stewart’s granddaughter,” Regina said. I actually hadn’t made that connection.

“I guess that makes since,” I said. Emily’s niceness seemed kinda fake to me.

“Hello, you must be Natalie,” A woman said walking up to me.

“Did the cast tip you off?” I asked. The woman laughed.

“I’m Ms. Ross and I’m the sixth grade teacher aka your teacher,” The woman said. I smiled.

“Nice to meet you Ms. Ross,” I smiled.

“I look forward to having you in my class this year,” Ms. Ross said. “I will see all three of you in class a couple weeks from now.”

She smiled and walked away.

“You’ll really like Ms. Ross,” Regina said walking over to the refreshment table. “She’s nice and the best art teacher.”

I nodded. Someone tapped on my shoulder.

“Hi! I’m Erin Cooper!” The red haired girl said to me.

“And I’m Victoria,” A dark skinned girl said to me. I smiled at them.

“These are my best friends, Natalie,” Regina said.

“Hi,” I said.

“Where’s Claire?” Regina asked.

“I thought she told you. Because she got a C on the spelling test today her mother wouldn’t let her come to the party,” Victoria said.

“EVERYBODY PLEASE COME DOWN TO THE DANCE FLOOR EVEN IF YOUR FOOT IS IN A CAST. WE’RE GOING TO PLAY FREEZE DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ms. Ross screamed through a microphone. I hobbled to get in line. Just to be mean I stood next to Darcy which forced Emily to find someone else to stand next too.

Christmas music started to play and I hobbled in a circle. I noticed that Emily was making her way over to me. The music stopped.

“Erin, you moved!” Ms. Ross shouted. Erin groaned and stood next to Ms. Ross. The music started up and what happened, happened all too fast.

Emily pulled on my hair and I fell and while I fell I heard the worst scream in my life.

“What’s wrong?” Mr. Drew asked running into the gym.

“Clumsy hit my knee with her cast,” Darcy groaned. He sounded like he was in some serious pain.

“Your girlfriend pulled my hair!” I screamed.

“What a lie,” Emily said rolling her eyes.

“I saw you!” Nelson shouted. Emily gasped.

“Why would I do such a thing?” Emily asked.

“Cause your jealous,” Regina snapped. Emily laughed.

“Why would I be jealous of her? She probably just tripped like she did the first time she tried to break Darcy’s knee,” Emily said.

“That’s crazy! Darcy tripped her the first time!” Regina shouted. Emily laughed again. Regina snapped and jumped on Emily. They started to scream and pull each other’s hair.

I turned my head and saw that Darcy’s knee was out of place.

“That’s gross,” I laughed. Darcy gave me an evil look.

“Girls!” Ms. Ross shouted separating them.

“She assaulted me!” Emily cried. Darcy laughed.

“Darcy!” Emily screamed. She started to walk towards the door but Erin pulled her hair.

“That’s what she did,” Erin said.

“I’m being attacked!” Emily cried. She ran out the door.

What a wonderful debut, right? Who am I kidding? What a mess.